Vaagdevi has been a place where I found a unique blend of excellence and commitment. Great faculty, wonderful ambience to learn, and excellent facilities is how I describe Vaagdevi. Great organizations always have a great leader, and Vaagdevi has been blessed with the leadership of Sri. Ch. Devender Reddy, supported by a wonderful team. Those two years of my life were not just full of hard work, but they were undoubtedly full of such lessons and experiences which made me a better person day by day. I left Vaagdevi with diverse personality enhancements and such intangible assets which are now a part of my attitude.

-- Prashanth Gundka Recruitment Lead-GE (MBA 2002-04)

Vaagdevi MBA Programme well prepared me for my role in the professional corporate world. Vaagdevi focuses on using the lecture rooms as a laboratory for experiential learning and encourages students to understand the criticalities of tough corporate world with the regular industrial exposure and established live case studies while completing the programme. Vaagdevi gave me my first platform into the corporate world in the form of placement in Mahindra Finance wherein I was able to apply what I learned in the classroom, to the real world problems.

-- Abdul Khalid Student of MBA Batch 2011-13